A Framework for Global Collaborative Intelligence in the Social Sciences 

and Humanities:

Linking transformative strategies with local cultural harmony through global collaborative intelligence and media.

Knowledge has its Responsibility   

AV Mag has an optimist view on advocacy with inspiring and well researched intelligible report on transformative stories that connect thoughts, consciousness, conscientousness, vision imagination and opportunities. We hope you choose AVMag as reliable source of relevant information.

ACE programs are designed to provide early learning and confidence development in cross-cultural ethics - enabling children to embrace the African world without bias.

Inspiring a world fit for children


Anti Violence against Women Act (AVAWA) is a non-intrusive diplomatic strategy to mitigate as well as make ending all forms of discrimination, abuse, and violence against women or girls a top priority for African States. 

Making the Advancement of Women an African Policy and Priority

AV is spear heading global support for the petition to adopt Anti Violence against Women Act (AVAWA). The PINK Africa summit is an annual award program to honor women activists and supporters of women advancement. When women are protected against targeted violence, women advancement will ensue at a natural and expected pace. 

Anti Violence Against Women Associations  (AVAWA Network)

(This site is currently under reconstruction) Research, Reviews, Analysis and Activities on African Systems and World Cultural Harmony

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